In the traditional business setting of days gone by, an employee would only receive feedback from their direct manager. This provided a one-sided and narrow route for information to travel. 360 feedback, in contrast, gathers this information from varying sources that includes the manager but also peers and even the individual him or herself.

The circular or round of feedback is what gives it its 360-degree tag. By creating a report that the individual can read with all of the information that they have been given allows for a self-evaluation. They will be able to view where their perception and the views of others diverge and where they are the same. A performance coach with knowledge and expertise will work with the individual to view and analyze the information and make a personal plan for development and growth.

Teambuilding Pty Ltd will work with you through every step of the 360-degree feedback analysis. From start to finish, they will compile the surveys design, complete the assessments, and provide the individual and group informational documents of feedback. They will also work to coach the individual group as well.

Services provided by Teambuilding Pty Ltd include the following:

Survey Design:

Survey Design: Teambuilding Pty Ltd can design a test specific to the client or we can allow you to use your own pre-constructed survey. If we design your assessment tool, we will work with you to identify the important values and aspects of your leadership style that need to be focused upon during feedback. We can also help you when you choose a predesigned option as well.

360 Orientation: The 360-feedback process can elicit fear and apprehension from those receiving and providing feedback. Confidentiality is a concern for those who want their given feedback to remain private and those who are receiving the information who wish to keep it personal as well. During the roughly forty-five minute orientation process, the team will learn what the feedback process involves and address any concerns that they may have. By easing fears and concerns, this allows the feedback process to run more smoothly, openly, and honestly.

Survey Administration: Budget and user friendly administration of the 360 process is facilitated through Teambuilding Pty Ltd. From the first steps to the final assessment, we work to assure a smooth and effective information gathering and analysis process.

Summary Reports: Results from the summary reports are completely confidential. They will be given out within just a few days of the final assessment. Overview reports that do not go into too much detail will be provided to leaders of the group or organization. This will help the business to make a plan for all employees as well.

Performance Coaching: A performance coach provided by Teambuilding Pty Ltd will work with individuals to read and assess the 360 report findings. At the heart of this coaching will be a discussion of individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to correct any areas where there is a void.

Reassessment: Following the first assessment, a reevaluation will be completed roughly nine to twelve months later. This assessment is then used to develop an in-depth progress report that shows where growth has occurred and where improvement could still be made, as well as prescribes what to do next.