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The Team Building Company delivers the highest quality team experience-based learning programs for the team building market in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra. We bring over 20 years of expertise in group development activities and experiential education to bear on each client’s organisational, team and individuals needs.

We provide an exciting, diverse and relevant mix of both outdoor and indoor team development programs that will excite any group and make their conference experience a memorable one.

Over the years, our team building & team development experience has extended into many fields which include: education, banking and finance, IT and technology, telecommunications, manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical, business services, transport, consulting and local government departments. We are continuously creating new team building programs so if you are looking for something special that is both inspirational and want to make a difference to the outcomes of your team event, please Contact us.

Remember all programs are flexible to support delivery time, location, budget and group size, plus our guarantee to provide an exciting, diverse and relevant mix of both outdoor and indoor programs that will excite any team!

Our Collaborative group activities and experiences always emphasise the benefits for your team, organisation or conference group. The diverse range of team building exercises offered encourage the individuals in your organisation to learn how to work more efficiently within the group, and maintaining a shared vision to enhance team synergy. As an icebreaker activity, a team building program provided by Team Building. can bring your new team together unlike no other activity. We can also tailor a team building exercise to fit your desired learning outcomes and conference aims; providing proper feedback to team members that they can incorporate in their future team collaboration. If theres more you want to know about us – speak to us direct on 0404 819 988

Corporate Training can strengthen communication within your team to emphasises each and every member understanding each others skills and needs to effectively and efficiently achieve the team’s shared goals. Your next conference could be greatly enhanced with a team development program provided by Team Building; one that will be directly related to your conferences objectives. Hopefully that explains a little about us, please contact us direct if you have any further questions. Follow and like us at Facebook or Tweet us at Twitter and even review us on Google+