Its fast and furious, fun and frantic…

Beat the Clock Teambuilding is a fun, collaborative team event which tests a team’s ability to effectively work together.

Can your team, Beat the Clock. The energetic team program consists of over fifty different activities and challenges, with a simple concept; score as many points as possible by completing chosen challenges.

Beat the Clock – Team building event

The program is designed to encourage collaboration, test team dynamics and play to their strengths as the time is ticking.

Collaboration is essential if groups are going to maximise their results and team performance. The Beat the Clock team building is an effective way for teams to experience teamwork in action and have a shared purpose. It also allows for competitive spirit and will test the team dynamics and to focus on performance.

The team event begins as our presenter introduces the challenges to the group and announces that they are about to attempt to Beat The Clock. We will then separate the group into teams and will run through the simple premise of the game. We will then start the clock.

Your teams will have to make an important decision at every task. Team strategy and commitment is vital for success.

Each activity level is split into three zones of difficulty. Each team will attempt one. If a team successfully completes the hardest challenge they will receive more points. However, the harder challenges can take longer and will involve more risk-taking.

Beat the Clock – The Finish

A large screen with a digital clock at the front of the room will show totals and time remaining. As the final five minutes of game play approach, the live scores will disappear but the clock keeps ticking, building tension in the room. Once the clock hits zero, teams must stop whatever challenge they are attempting to complete, and we will tally the final scores.

There are many game and challenge options available to make this team building activity a real fantastic event. Choose from acting tasks, music challenges, physical games, problem solving tasks, or more creative activities.

The Team Activity lasts approximately 30 – 90 minutes, is suitable for between 25 and 500 people. This activity simply requires a suitable indoor area or outdoors arena.

Perfect for teams looking to get some energy flowing through the group whilst on a conference, meeting or as a stand alone team event. CONTACT US – We are happy to help. Want to see some of the activities, click here.

‘Just what we needed in the agenda – an exhilirating explosion of energy, perfect’ UBS