Bikes for Tykes 

Bikes for Tykes are team building activities for a worthy cause. The unique day involves challenges with a final task of assembling a bike that is given away to charity. The team building activities combine an opportunity for your staff to significantly improve their communication skills and their ability to work within a team. Participants will also improve their creativity, and leadership, all whilst giving back to their local community or a charitable organisation.

 Bikes for Tykes – The Process

These enjoyable team building activities require teams to build quality bikes for a worthy cause and you can organise it to suit any setting.

The teams complete in a series of initiative tasks and challenges in order to earn the pieces to build their bike. Once the teams have collected the pieces the Build a Bike teambuilding activity begins. We will design all tasks and challenges to suit your organisations objectives. Some of the tasks focus on communication, problem solving and planning, while others are more strategic or collaborative.

 Bikes for Tykes – Performance Themes 

The program is flexible in its format and can be tailored around any location. We can also change the activities based on the time frame, team size, and we can change the program to represent any key take outs or learning outcomes.

The Team Building Company addresses performance themes such as guided facilitation based upon individuals and their performance in different roles. In addition to this, we place focus on the importance of quality, accuracy, attention to detail, performance, and time management. We also focus on team work, team performance, co-operation and team building.

The Bikes

The bikes are hand built by your teams to a professional quality standard, whilst being supervised by our production mechanic.
Our staff members, made up of quality personnel and bike mechanics, will inspect the bikes that your teams build.

You will then have an opportunity to donate the bikes to your selected charity or organisation on-site. However, we can also personally deliver them to your selected Charity or the organisation that benefits from your groups end products if needed.

Key learning Outcomes:
  • Facilitated Brainstorming
  • Planning & Problem Solving
  • Communicating effectively as a team
  • Collaborate efficiently
  • Identifying and utilising strengths of team members
  • Incorporating & developing unique talents, passions and skills
  • Charitable, community donations

The Team Building Company can organise your chosen charity to be in attendance. We prefer having the charity at the finale, to inspect the quality and say thank you, as this adds to the team program.

The Teambuilding Company works closely with the following charities: The Salvation Army, Barnardos, Youth off the Streets, Wesley Mission, Rotary, Kidz Wish, Canteen.

These are all worthy causes and deserving of donations.

Other Building programs include Build a Flat pack or Play equipment.

Bikes for Tykes  Bikes for Tykes