Break the Bank Team building workshop is an interactive team building game for any size group. Big or small, from 8 – 500 persons can participate in this team games from the Team building Company.

A fast action team game that brings out Trust and the importance of values.
Can your team compete to win the task whilst trying to ‘Earn as much as you can’.
The task demonstrates behaviours that exist within your organisation.
During this intriguing simulation challenge, teams are required to strategise, show trust and their values whilst trying to achieve success.

The interactive exercise demonstrates the importance of team values, which are made very real. Discover a great deal about your team in ‘Break the Bank’.
Teams are formed and Roles are allocated to begin with. The team building workshop task begins. It is about how consistent we align the values we espouse with how we act in the pursuit of an achievable goal. Strong leadership is required at Break the bank game is run. Trust, positive and negative behaviours emerge. All becomes apparent! in this fun and revealing team building workshop.

Break the Bank skills workshop can be run as a kick off energiser session, or slotted within the conference agenda to break up presentations. This works well, as it is engaging, interactive, fun and when combined with a facilitated debrief, exposes some powerful learning outcomes.

Key highlights include:
Discover the difference between “Cohesive” and “Fragmented” team behaviours
Experience vital group-process skills such Trust, Commitment and decision making
Understand the importance of adaptable planning and implementation
Recognize the effect of individual or sub teams behavior on group strategy
creates an immediate reaction for better team performance