Corporate Kendo – leadership Team Building activity – Does your team have power, confidence within and trust to follow through?

The Warrior school is the most powerful and exhilarating event your team will experience. Leadership Team building activities in Australia such as Corporate Kendo delivered by The Team Building Company in Sydney, Canberra and Perth.

Using the ancient ways of the Samurai warriors and the art of Japanese Sword Fencing, individuals are taken on a journey that tests their commitment, focus, building self-trust, and predominantly raising the bar.

The activity is taught by a Kendo Master, with the sessions taking participants step by step through the art and skills of Kendo – the way of the warrior. The exercise is superb for teams that are wishing to encourage Culture change, explore new learning paradigms such as ‘Raising the Bar’ and also an understanding of self leadership, accountability and actions.

The Warrior exercise is best suited as a two hour session, with options to include additional progressive learning, extra tuition sessions, indoor business programs and also a tailored Leadership Program.

Warrior draws on the ancient techniques of the Samurai warriors and Japanese sword fencing. The team will go together on a voyage that will test the focus, passion, drive, and individual self-confidence that they have.

A Kendo master is the instructor of this task and will walk participants through the beauty of the art as well as the skills necessary to complete it safely. In essence, you will earn the ways of the warrior and this can translate into organizational benefits as it teaches self-leadership, strength, and personal growth. It will also teach responsibility and accountability as well.

The Warrior activity and exercises are best fit for a two hour session. There are other options as well including extra sessions and even indoor programs which are part of a Leadership Program that is tailored to the client. Please note that extra fees may apply to the additional classes.


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