Creative Team Building – Art-Tastic activity allows any group to be collaborative, creative and inspired. 
Creative Team Building
With the capability to be used with a group of any size, in any location, Creative Team Building – Art-Tastic activity encourages team collaboration, teamwork and sharing of skills. Participants are guided by an experienced facilitator and art teacher that will help them to develop unique pieces of art and find inspiration. Our team of professionals will help participants tap into the Art-Tastic creative spirit.
‘A Picture tells a thousand words’

‘A Picture tells a thousand words’ is no more evident than when the groups complete their collaborative Team Masterpieces. The teams will share and expand on many team principles. You will be able to see this through the Art-Tastic task of creating a one-piece art work involving all teams. Each team works on different panels or sections of the masterpiece and the finale illustrates team work at its best. You will watch as each teams work becomes one finished creative art work.

Our art guides will help participants as they work alone on their art creation. Upon completion, they will review the work and make any necessary touch-ups. After that,
our art guides will frame the art professionally so that you can use it in the home or in an office setting. This activity is both fun and educational and will allow members of your organization to identify their art skills and connect with their inner creativity. They will also leave with a gift that can last a lifetime.

Have fun and add color to your organization with this great, creative team building activity. Your employees will thank you!

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