Dash 4 Cash

Corporate Training Activity in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth puts the energy into team building.

The fast paced game of Dash 4 Cash is great Corporate Training Activity in Sydney. In this activity, a team will choose between several different outdoor casino games that will be played in a unique and fun setting. There will be roulette and card games for everyone to play.

The goal of this live casino is to encourage fun and individual achievement, as well as group play. Points will be earned, called money in this activity that can be used for prizes at the end of the day. The goal is for teams to pick activities that they can play at their own risk and at their own skill level reaping in the subsequent rewards. It is a test of strategy and of endurance as the games play one.

A fast paced team building program where different activities and team games can be tailored to any clients needs and requirements. Think Its A Knockout meets Survivor meets Casino Royal – all rolled into one great team building activity.

A team will see their individual winnings combined on a team board where the winner will be displayed. This is where the individual and the team elements come together and where the drama really ensues. The counter of points and money is done by a leader that brings humor, whimsy, and fun, adding another great element to the activity.

Highlights of the Dash 4 Cash Program:

  • High intensity from the opening to the end
  • All members can participate and demonstrate their skills
  • Mental and physical, as well as artistic talents are displayed
  • Customizable to all groups

Wonderful for larger numbers
Be warned: the last minutes of this competition and team building exercises are exciting, dramatic, and high amounts of fun!

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