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Day team building activities – CONTACT US

Engage the team with some exciting Day team building activities. The Teambuilding Company has a wide range of Day events and games to suit your group. Great things happen with many hands and people working together, collaborating and cooperating.

Through fostering a collegiate environment and allowing the team to apply themselves on a new project, this will benefit the organisation and build strong team bonds. Day teambuilding events are a fantastic way to reward your team, invigorate the group and increase motivation within the office. The key to the success of our events is positive shared experiences. Our wide range of activities includes something for everyone.

The day programs are fun, practical and effective in developing team skills in a controlled competitive environment. We tailor programs to link with business requirements or focus on specific
Experience a memorable day than by participating in anengaging focussed, outcome orientated day teambuilding activity.

The Teambuilding Company deliver a variety of day sessions, both indoor and outdoor activities. Use the opportunity to Grow your business capability, invest in your team.Escape the office with Beat the Tweet or Act like a Spy with Licensed to Spy activities, choose focused project management tasks like Build a bike. Release the inner Warrior with kendo or test the team’s ability to plan and cooperate with Special Ops session.

Skills sessions will sharpen communication and project management abilities.

Shutter Speed - Creative team building

Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed, this creative ‘On the Go’ photography based activity, requires teams to explore and capture images related back to a key message, strategy or Vision. Teams must coordinate, create and deliver on time in this fast paced team event. They have to overcome creative difference, locate the challenges and deal with the inherent problems of…
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Bikes 4 Tykes – Charity bike building

Bikes 4 Tykes Bikes 4 Tykes Charity bike building is a unique team building exercise that combines an opportunity for your staff to significantly improve their skills and competencies such as communication, creativity, leadership and teamwork. It is a great way to give back to their local community, charities and improve your company’s Corporate social responsibility. This…
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triple-t-challenge, ITs a knockout fun Team building games

Its a Knockout Fun Team Building games

It’s a Knockout Fun Team Building Games ‘It’s a Knockout’ – a program full of big, BOLD events like the gameshow. You will love this unique team building activity, even if you were not around for the 1970’s Knockout style TV show. Summary The Team Building Company’s ‘It’s a Knockout’ activity is a high energy, colourful and fun event…
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Team Rivals Outdoor Team Challenges

Team Rivals Outdoor Team Challenges

Team Rivals Outdoor Team Challenges Overview: Outdoor Team Building Activities such as The Team Rivals challenge are a fantastic way to motivate, reward the team and get out of the office or conference room. Competing through a range of team challenge activities will test the groups collaboration, teamwork, planning and abilities. We offer great options…
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collaborative team building

Team activities

Building teams & Team activities The Team Building Company delivers the highest quality team experience-based learning programs for the team building market in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Brisbane. We bring over 20 years of expertise in fun team building activities and experiential education. To grow teams, inspire, motivated build connectivity to meet our  client’s organisational,…
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Art-Tastic Creative Team Building

Creative Team Building – Art-Tastic

Creative Team Building – Art-Tastic activity allows any group to be collaborative, creative and inspired.  Creative Team Building With the capability to be used with a group of any size, in any location, Creative Team Building – Art-Tastic activity encourages team collaboration, teamwork and sharing of skills. Participants are guided by an experienced facilitator and art teacher that will help them to develop…
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High Performance Teamwork

Team DR – High performance team building High performance Teamwork is a Facilitated, Performance team building workshop that will sharpen your team. We deliver High performance team building & Team Dr courses across Australia, including in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. Our High performance Teamwork will sharpen your organisation and grow your business with specific…
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Team Idol X Factor team building challenge

The Team Idol X factor team building challenge requires teams to work creatively and proactively within a short period of time. Can they position their companies’ products in a song or performance in ways like never before. Teams will be required to collaborate, create or share marketing ideas and knowledge to capture the hearts and…
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