Disco Trivia

Disco Trivia - Evening team building, High energy team building
Disco Trivia – Evening team building, High energy team building

Does your team know their POP songs from soft ROCK or is there a hidden musician in your team, time to find out with Disco Trivia.

This is fun entertainment, ideal for an evening entertainment, with something for everyone and definitely not designed to tax your participants in a serious manner.

Disco trivia is a different way of team building, engaging from the start, Collaborative, Fun and highly entertaining.

Does your team know the lyrics to popular songs, can they Lip sync in the POP battle?
Do they know their ABBA from their RUN DMC?

For any team what makes this evening more than just Trivia, is the total interaction, engagement, competition and ‘letting your hair down’

A team building hit as it :

  • Makes the dinner / function much, much more!
  • Makes the entertainment a focal point for the evening.
  • Has so many team building challenges for every one to partake Activities which lifts team spirits.
  • Fun for every one who takes part.
  • Flexible into your time frame, any group size – Large or small groups.

Popular rounds include: Name that tune, One hit wonders, Who sung that, Band aid – Collaborations, Lip Sync battles, Band logo quiz, Countdown, What is the next line and Top 40 hits, plus many more…

We also theme the activity based on the age group of the participants or season, Halloween, Christmas, 70’s and 80’s, Summer holidays or include activities and tasks from our popular Gameshow mania.

Participants: 8 – 200
Duration: 1 to 2.5 hours
Physical exertion: Low – Moderate (depends on how competitive you would like it)
Outcomes: Fun, Entertainment, Engaging, Collaborative.

Our evening activities are tailored to your group, choose your Generation game style; from the hilarious quiz show Game Show Mania, Family Feud, or Minute to Win it or Generation games versions…