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Liven up the evening with engaging social team events. The Teambuilding Company has a activities and events to build on the daytime collaboration. In particular Evening activities are fantastic opportunities to network and connect. Our evening session can be quick competitive activities tasks aimed at bringing the group closer or which have an underlying message. Rewarding your staff in the evening has a positive affect on motivation, relaxes the group and allows them to build strong team bonds.

The Teambuilding Company has a range of evening team building events that are proven to engage and which are effective in developing team skills. All delivered as fun entertaining manner.

We have a selection of great evening team bonding activities. From popular generation game activities like Family feud, Disco trivia and Gameshow mania to your team being the stars of the show with Popstars. Live performances or replaying music videos they created earlier. Casino Vegas nights add sparkle with a themed black tie evening live or put the group in the spotlight with Murder on the menu. Get the team moving with Bollywood dancing or bring out their competitive side with Win it in a Minute mini games night. All engaging when the night draws in after a productive day of strategy.

Generation Game Nights

Are you looking for a Team building games program that is totally collaborative, interactive and a memorable teambuilding experience? Generation Game Nights is your solution. Do you remember gameshow programs of your generation like: Family Feud, Question of Sport and Price is Right. These gameshow events are based on popular Generation Game shows of the past.…
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Evening team building event – Minute to Win it

Evening team building event Minute to Win it – A team building games tests your groups ability to perform under time pressure. In this fun series of team building games, teams must utilise their skills and abilities to Win it in a Minute. Win it in a Minute Evening Team Building Event where teams show potential in an…
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Family Feud – Gameshow

Family-Feud-Gameshow, is based the popular game show. Test your team’s ability to correctly respond to ‘survey says’ questions. Do you have the skill and knowledge to be successful? Unlike the TV show where only 2 ‘family’ teams play against each other, trying to steal the board, All of the teams have the opportunity to take…
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Disco Trivia

Disco Trivia Disco Trivia – Evening team building, High energy team building Does your team know their POP songs from soft ROCK or is there a hidden musician in your team, time to find out with Disco Trivia. This is fun entertainment, ideal for an evening entertainment, with something for everyone and definitely not designed…
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Evening team building activities – Game Show Mania

Evening team building activities – Game Show Mania. The interactive Evening team building activity to get teams excited. This is a Team Game show and Trivia with a difference… Ideal for evening entertainment with something to suit all tastes, the Game Show Mania team building quiz is not designed to tax participants in a serious…
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Hollywood Movie Making

Considering some Team bonding activities that are totally creative. Find out about our Hollywood Movie making program. This superb team building corporate package allows your staff to create the next blockbuster Hollywood Movie incorporating key values, strategy, products or services. Each team is chaperoned and trained by a technical staff member and performing actor –…
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Gameshow Mania

Gameshow Mania This is fun team building games and entertainment, ideal for an evening event, with something for everyone to enjoy. Think Generation games like family feud, meets trivia with physical and interactive tasks from the Price is right. Gameshow mania suits any size group, large or small. Tasks are collaborative, problem solving with popular…
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Pop Stars

Pop Stars is a sensational team building challenge program, where teams choose, reproduce and sing a classic song selection with unique lyrics.   As in the spirit of the hit shows ‘Idol’ and ‘You’ve got talent’, no one misses a beat in what turns out to a hugely entertaining session that concludes with an evening…
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