Evening team building event

Minute to Win it – A team building games tests your groups ability to perform under time pressure. In this fun series of team building games, teams must utilise their skills and abilities to Win it in a Minute. Win it in a Minute Evening Team Building Event where teams show potential in an action packed  games session against the clock.

Teams go head-to-head in a series of fun games, indoor or outdoor sports and entertaining challenges that require participants to complete hilarious tasks, in a safe, friendly competitive environment!

Teams rotate through activity tasks challenging their opponents at each task. We run this as a fun activity for up to 2 hours, full of energy, collaboration and FUN.

The multitude of fun team building activities where teams attempt to solve as many team challenges as they possibly can within the time limit.

There’s “something for everyone” with the challenges; creative, technical, mental, sensory, problem solving, general knowledge and physical team games and activities. This is more interactive than our Gameshow mania, which combines Generation games, trivia and tasks.

Teams will need to decide on their strategy of quality versus quantity. The more challenging team activities for a bigger payout? 

Time management, strategy and excellent use of all the individual team members’ skills will be the key to victory in this fast-paced team building challenge extravaganza!

A fun and engaging team experience that are short, sharp, fun and competitive. Games are challenging and hilarious with each being completed in 60 seconds. Why not make it an Olympic competition and theme it with National flags and costumes.

We have over 100 team tasks for you group to attempt to master. From Apple stack, 500 steps, ‘Elephant March’, Ping pong bounce, This blows, Pencil pusher and much more.
 Our staff will bring all of the equipment to your venue, indoors or outdoors to host your fun team building activities.