As seen on TV

As-seen-on-TV-25As seen on TV Events are collaborative and competitive teambuilding tasks adapted from popular programs, with a range of creative, mental or physical teambuilding activities.

These events, Inspired from TVs most memorable events have tailored outcomes, based goal orientated learning, Teamwork, Trust and having a Go. As seen on TV Teambuilding activities link to business outcomes including planning, achievement, employee engagement and performance.

These program events are meant to highlight individual skills and talents hidden from the work area and release any potential that is not utilized fully. The skills learned here — leadership, ability, team resources, and capabilities, can be transferred readily to performance at work with fun and energy. Collaboration and teamwork are key to team performance, both are fostered in As seen on TV Team activitiesprograms. Challenge your team with performing activities like, Hollywood Movie making or Pop Stars, test them the againstClock, discover the Mole, Triple T challenges or have some fun withGameshow mania and generation games.

The Team Building Company tailor the team building events that build group performance and achievement to maximize their full potential. From Indoors to outside, any group size, any location, with flexibility to deliver quality outcomes.