Fun & Collaborative Team Bulding Events

category_bannerFun Collaborative Events are a selection of the best and most popular teambuilding programs.

Cooperation and Commitment are the factors in our Fun Collaborative team programs which combine creative tasks, cognitive challenges to physical teambuilding activities. Great things can happen when people work together and jump into the task.

TheFun Collaborative Events are tailored to suit your organisations specific requirements and outcomes. Is it time to Grow your business capability, invest in your team.

Get you team moving and shaking with Bollywood Dancing, release the inner actor and see the team on the Big screen with Hollywood Movie making, challenge them to Beat the Clock, Create a buzz and focus on creativity with the Pitch or get the team building the greatest sculpture out of sand. All have the potential to inspire your team to achieve success,increase collaboration, fun and cooperation for your organisation. The team bonding and skills will have an impact on the group, skills whichcan be transferred readily to the workplace.

From Indoors to outside, The Team Building Company tailor the team programs that build group Collaboration, Cooperation and Commitment, for any group size, with flexibility to tailor to any clients outcomes.

Bikes 4 Tykes – Charity bike building

Bikes 4 Tykes Bikes 4 Tykes Charity bike building is a unique team building exercise that combines an opportunity for your staff to significantly improve their skills and competencies such as communication, creativity, leadership and teamwork. It is a great way to give back to their local community, charities and improve your company’s Corporate social responsibility. This…
Teamwork triple t challenge - Fun Team building games

Teamwork Triple T Challenge

Teamwork Triple T Challenge The Concept: In the Teamwork Triple T Challenge, Teams must compete, performing a series of different activities, ranging from scavenger hunts to problem solving games, treasure hunts and mind games. The team that performs the best overall is the winning team. Due to the wide range of activities, each team member…
Art-Tastic Creative Team Building

Creative Team Building – Art-Tastic

Creative Team Building – Art-Tastic activity allows any group to be collaborative, creative and inspired.  Creative Team Building With the capability to be used with a group of any size, in any location, Creative Team Building – Art-Tastic activity encourages team collaboration, teamwork and sharing of skills. Participants are guided by an experienced facilitator and art teacher that will help them to develop…

Bikes for Tykes

Bikes for Tykes  Bikes for Tykes are team building activities for a worthy cause. The unique day involves challenges with a final task of assembling a bike that is given away to charity. The team building activities combine an opportunity for your staff to significantly improve their communication skills and their ability to work within a…

Urban Challenge

Team Building – Urban Challenge The Urban Challenge gives you an opportunity to get out and about and explore your city. Build your teams, engage your staff and, with a hint of competition, enjoy this team building exercise. In the Urban Challenge, we will divide your group into teams. These teams will then participate in…
The Pitch, Fun collaborative Teambuilding activities

The Pitch – Team Building program

The Pitch The Pitch – During this team building program, your teams will be working creatively and collaboratively within a strict time constraints. Your team acts as an advertising agency being commissioned to make an entertaining, informative and superbly crafted commercial for a client. Your team will position your company’s products in new ways and will…

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance Workshop Want a quick and easy way to get your team moving in the same direction? Tried lots of team building activities and want something new? Bling up your next conference and bring out the bangles. Create some energy with our Bollywood Dance event. It is a creative team building event like no…
Beat The Clock Team building

Beat The Clock Team building Event

Its fast and furious, fun and frantic… Beat the Clock Teambuilding is a fun, collaborative team event which tests a team’s ability to effectively work together. Can your team, Beat the Clock. The energetic team program consists of over fifty different activities and challenges, with a simple concept; score as many points as possible by completing…
Sand Sculpting Teambuilding activity

Sand Sculpting Teambuilding

Sand Sculpting Teambuilding We bring the beach environment to life with the Sand Sculpting Teambuilding activity, offered exclusively through The Team Building Company. In this activity, participants will work in teams in order to creatively sculpt the sand under their feet. This is a hands on activity that is great for facilitating creativity and collaboration.…