Pick of the Best

pick-of-the-bestPopular and proven team events are included in our Pick of the Best range. All tasks or sessions will add to your conference or complement your existing team training process.

The skills learned with the Pick of the Best events can be transferred readily to the workplace. We can focus on creativity and unlock group potential that is not being utilized fully. The events are tailored to suit your organisationsrequirements orkey objectives and work toward increasing collaboration, fun rewarding experiences and cooperationwithin teams andin your organisation.

In our Pick of the Best Team Building events, the tasksare based oncommunication, collaboration, and team commitment. Test the teams ability to manage and run projects with Build a Bike activities. The focus on quality projects, delivered on time to a standard. The winners of the task are your nominated charity. Build the team in style in Catwalk capers, race the group to maximize their reward in Dash for Cash.

If indoor programs are your preference, Matrix mayhem are short action packed fun tasks to discover the groups Problem-solving skills and communication.United Nations program will challenge the abilities of the group to work together.

Our premier Outdoor experiential learning adventure activity is Project Omega. Get the group beyond their comfort zone and test their outdoor skills, Collaboration, cooperation and strategy with a high energy challenge. From bike navigation, compass work and orienteering skills to ropes and abseiling, the program is unique and testing for individuals and groups. Discover true leadership potential with Project Omega.

The Team Building Company tailor the Omega team building program specifically for your organization to test group collaboration and Commitment to maximize their full potential and achieve key outcomes.