Understand your team

Understand-your-team-building-25Understanding your team teambuilding is a direct way organisations can drive a high performance culture and focus on the optimal performance within groups.

By using Team Profiling modeling exercises and profile tools, the will thoroughly assist organisations, individuals and teams in strategic and personal development, leadership development, performance coaching and project team building.

There are a number of preferred tools which can be used to identify employees natural strengths, communication and leadership styles, preferred work behaviours, roles or abilities on focused project tasks.

When used within a team building and development context, these toolbox sessions can help with:

  • Increasing self-perception, strengths and current limitations
  • Identifying personal areas for development
  • Understanding and working behaviours within groups and alternate perspectives or approaches in others
  • Build team synergy, increase understanding of roles, learning behaviours and perception
  • Profiling the team – strengths and weaknesses, decision makingbiases and behaviours.
  • give the ability to create an action plan for personal and professional development.

The Teambuilding Company are equipped with interchangeable techniques and strategies to assist with any organisation’s Team Profiling request. Each workshop includes matched exercises to demonstrate the Profiles and enhances learning model understanding.