Formula WON team building workshop

Formula WON team building workshop session is a great way to get teams to explore their skills in strategy, team focus, communication and collaboration in an engaging activity.

Teambuilding’s Formula Won session is a fun and engaging session that powerfully demonstrates to the skills needed for a high performing team. Performance is measured in Time, Team accuracy, focus, communication ability, planning and delivery based on performance measures.

Time to get your team into the top flight of competition. Get revved up and performing as ‘one team’ that fully understand their roles, clear on the goal ahead to deliver results.

The performance based team building workshop is combined with a facilitated debrief to clarify the process that the group undertook and discovers areas for improvement.

The Team building workshop highlights:

  • Develops High Performance teamwork
  • The value of systems – task, team and individual development.
  • Development of an awareness around participants behaviour.
  • Experience vital group-process skills such Trust, Commitment and decision making
  • Understand the importance of planning and implementation
  • Recognize the effect of individual or sub team behaviour on group strategy
  • Focus and Get on with it – Win together
  • Right people – right place – right attitude and culture
Formula WON
team building workshop for high performance


Formula WON team building workshop and facilitated sessions can be part of the conference, as an energiser or combined in a more detailed development program. There is progressive learnings, so can be used throughout a day to demonstrate improved team performance. The task is highly interactive, collaborative and competitive with a powerful learning outcomes. Time to get racing with the Team building Company – CONTACT US.

‘The best high energy conference icebreaking activity we have done’ –Ericsson

“The sessions went very well – every one of them was engaging, fun and had a takeaway that meant something to the individual. Great experience overall. We’ll keep Teambuilding in mind for any of our other team building opportunities – I’ve already told my colleagues about it. Cheers.” – VEDA