Team DR – High performance team building

High performance Teamwork is a Facilitated, Performance team building workshop that will sharpen your team. We deliver High performance team building & Team Dr courses across Australia, including in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane.

Our High performance Teamwork will sharpen your organisation and grow your business with specific team building workshop sessions. Our facilitated skills workshop sessions and Team DNA program have tailored learning outcomes, specific to your organisation.

The half day and full or multi day sessions, includes both indoor and outdoor activities. Use the High performance Teamwork opportunity to grow your business capability by investing in your team, exploring strengths, breaking barriers and accountability.

High performance Teamwork – What does it involve?

High performance Teamwork and our other high performance team building programs include problem solving, planning or overcoming conflict or a behavioural focus. Inside these unique programs, we include Belbin profiling or other Team diagnostics. This means that we are able to better understand individual strengths and behaviours within team environments. We can then change some of our activities so that the individuals in your teams are all gaining the most out of the day.

Activities like Lost – Survivor, The Mole, Team connections can demonstrate these desired outcomes, the abilities within the team and build understanding of strengths amongst the group.

We structure the programs to target your group’s current ability. This is so that there is the potential for your teams to build towards high performance teamwork, even if they are not at that level at the beginning. We help you build on the skills within your team and focus on roles and delivery, leadership, consensus and efficient planning.

We have a range of business team building program tasks that are collaborative, engaging, which will challenge the team to apply learning, draw on strengths, express opinions and be focussed toward group outcomes.

The Key to High Performance Team Building

The key to the success of High performance Teamwork and other High performance team building events is that it creates positive shared experiences. We help your team acknowledge their strengths and gain a better understanding of each other. Through this they will realise their potential.

Building teams, collaboration
Building teams, team building activities
  • We help your teams realise their potential and improve their teamwork skills,
  • We design the activities to suit your teams wants and needs,
  • The Teambuilding Company runs these programs all across Australia,
  • The programs are very flexible, they can be situated inside or outside, with different sized groups of people, from anywhere between a couple of hours to a full day.

The High performance Teamwork programs are fun, practical and effective in developing team skills in a controlled environment. Allowing the team to apply their knowledge will benefit your organisation and build stronger team bonds.

We tailor Team Dr programs to link with business requirements through specific activities with debriefing and reflection.  There is something for everyone to take away from the Team Dr day programs.

“Firstly thank you for the work shop. All feedback on the day and subsequently has been positive.  I have had a number of thank-you comments.  I think even those who were anti-tree-hugging got something from the day. We appreciate the follow up notes. Many thanks.” – Westpac

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