Hollywood Movie making
One of the best interactive and engaging group training and team building activities is the Hollywood Movie Making event.

This superb team building activity corporate package allows your staff to create a leading Hollywood Movie Making incorporating key values, strategy, products or services, whilst getting into costume, apply stage make up, and create a short, creating an enjoyable movie that copulates key aspects from the brief.

Each team is chaperoned and trained by a qualified and performing actor – adding important tips and presentation skills to the would be ‘Hollywood Stars’.

Teams will learn from a professional camera director;

  • Competent delivery of lines – performance coaching
  • Art of Cinematography – lights, camera and Action
  • Adaption of a Story – storyboarding and inside tips,
  • Scripting of the film

Totally creative, hilarious and memorable. The concept of the program is simple; with coaching and guidance, teams are required to film a movie in an allotted time frame, using provided props and pre-determined genres. The teams direct, produce, act, film and incorporate core points.

It’s an enjoyable, exciting and rewarding workshop that results in a short movie being presented at an awards ceremony. The entire process will be captured on DVD for your use at appraisal time. Your organisation is able to request outcomes and objectives that need to be engaged, and these can be incorporated into the program.

The package:

  • The program is not location or weather dependent.
  • Attendees of all levels of physical ability can participate.
  • Fully tailored to suit your organisations requirements.
  • Fits into any agenda and timeframe. From 90 mins – 3hours or as a two part, fully interactive program spread over your conference with Gala dinner, Screening and Oscar awards ceremony.