Icebreakers – What are they?
Icebreakers activities are enlightening Indoor team building challenges. They break the mould and have outcomes that are surprising and keep everyone on their toes. Our activities, such as The Mole, move away from the usual team bonding experience.

The task allows the group to delve into the mentality of ‘responsibility’ and ‘accountability‘. We also make your team question whether the right focus is in place and what is the level of trust within the organisation.

To succeed your teams need to bring out the very best in each other and learn how to find what it takes to achieve high performance.

The benefits of the Icebreakers programs is that it develops a high level of performance, teamwork and trust. It also makes your team value task, team and individual development. The program also provides your team with a greater awareness of other team members behaviour and this can help improve your teams cohesion and trust.

Example Activity – Break the bank

Break the bank is a fast action game that focuses on trust and the importance of values. This intriguing simulation challenge demonstrates ‘Earn as much as you can’ where teams have to to strategise, work together and show their true colours.

This interactive exercise demonstrates the importance of team values, which are made very real. Discover a great deal about your team in this fun and revealing program.

Break the bank benefits:

The break the bank icebreakers activity provides teams with experience in vital group-process such as trust, commitment and decision making. We also focus on providing an understanding of the importance of planning and implementation. Throughout the activity teams will need to recognise the effect of individuals behaviour and how each member of the team can contribute to the group strategy.

Example Activity – Formula WON
The Team Building Company’s Formula Won session is a great way to get teams to explore their skills in strategy, team focus, communication and collaboration. In this engaging activity, we outline the process and brief the teams and the racing begins.

A fun and engaging session that powerfully demonstrates to the skills needed for a high performing team. Throughout the program, we measure your performance in Time, Team accuracy, focus and planning – plus the racing! This means that the fastest will not always be the winner.

 Formula WON benefits:

The Formula WON activity places a focus on focus. We have designed the activity activity to promote team work, everyone in the team must win. There is also attention given to the Team Building Company’s common objectives, which are delivery, accountability and accuracy.

In summary, the Formula WON Icebreakers activity helps organisations connect the right people with the right place and the right attitude and culture.

‘The best high energy conference icebreaking activity we have done’ –Ericsson
Skills workshops can be combined in a session, as they are progressive in their key learning, interactive, great laugh and have powerful learning outcomes.

“The sessions went very well – every one of them was engaging, fun and had a takeaway that meant something to the individual. Great experience overall. We’ll keep Teambuilding in mind for any of our other team building opportunities – I’ve already told my colleagues about it. Cheers.” – VEDA