The Immunity Challenge team building game tests a teams resilience to be successful and survive. The fun and energetic Immunity challenge team building game is ideal for medium to larger groups, creating a high level of competitiveness, integration, participation and enjoyment.

Teams compete with each other through a circuit of team challenges. At the end of a team challenge circuit the winning team is awarded immunity, and in recognition of this status, they cannot be voted off by other teams during the ballot that follows. A team or multiple teams are voted out and its members are then absorbed into the remaining teams.

Key points of the Immunity Challenge include;

  • Each team has a special team name
  • Each team has a mascot or team ‘war cry’; a full sized inflated creature creating an identity for the team
  • The Immunity theme can be used for an entire conference or just your outdoor segment
  • Teams are run through the Immunity Challenge until one winning team emerges

The merger of groups in the Immunity Challenge is a fantastic feature, as groups must integrate with each other as they absorb new people. It is a powerful way of bringing people together as teams dissolve and merge. All elements of team formation and performance are observed during the competition.

The team building program also allows teams to understand co-operation versus competition, creating a one team approach to problems and anchoring the key outcome, Collaboration.

“The feedback from my team this week has been tremendously positive, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the activity, it superseded everyone’s expectations, and everyone will take away some great memories from the event.” AGL