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Indoor Team Building Activities are a great inclusion to offer your team, The Teambuilding Company has a wide range of activities and events to suit your desired outcome. In particular, Indoor activities can be quick tasks aimed at energizing the group between conference sessions, overcome concerns related to weather and have key messages.

Indoor and outdoor team building activities both have their benefits, and the choice between the two will depend on various factors such as the season, location, group size, and objectives of the team building activity. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both types of team building activities:

Indoor Team Building Activities:

  • Advantages:
    • Weather-independent: Indoor activities are not affected by weather conditions, making them more reliable and consistent.
    • Control over environment: The indoor environment can be controlled to some extent, which allows for better management of activities and events.
    • Variety of activities: Indoor activities can range from creative workshops to physical challenges, providing a range of options to choose from.
    • Accessibility: Indoor activities can be more accessible for participants with disabilities or mobility issues.

With over 12 years of experience, The Teambuilding Company have developed a series of indoor team building events that are proven to engage and which are effective in developing team skills when that key outcome is required. All delivered as fun practical learning.


Here are some websites that provide information on why team building games are beneficial:

  1. The Balance Careers: The Benefits of Team Building –
  2. Harvard Business Review: High-Performing Teams Need Psychological Safety. Here’s How to Create It –
  3. Forbes: The Importance of Team Building in the Digital Age –

We have a selection of fantastic indoor team building activities. From Skills based workshop sessions, Conference energisers, Formula WON, Lego Serious play, Team Connections, The Apprentice, Art tastic to The Pitch’ movie making; these link to the organization, vision and are focused on key aspects of teamwork in an engaging manner.

The Team Apprentice

The Team Apprentice building task The Team Apprentice building task tests high performance team work, cohesion and Customer Centricity. We all know that the most important person in your business are your valued Customers. But does your team understand your customers, their needs, their business and HOW to deliver effectively?   In the Apprentice, we…
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Special Ops

In Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth we offer many team programs for strategy, communication, cohesion and integration. Special Operations – is one of the many Team Building activities in Canberra, that focuses on collaborative tasks,  behaviours, planning, and leadership in a team.. This team building workshop focusses on strategy, tactics, leadership, roles and collaboration. This…
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Team Connections

Team Connections: Team Connections, is a fantastic metaphor for cooperation and collaboration. Groups are divided into functioning business units. Each of these groups will build their part of the Customer Connections supply pipeline. We have designed the program to build synergy outside of their departmental silos. The task simulates what occurs in your workplace. The Team…
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team building workshops

Workshop Activity

Team building workshop activity: Sabotage a game of focus and values! Sabotage a Team building workshop activity is an exciting indoor team challenge task full of unexpected outcomes. It also involves twists and surprises to get you thinking about how your teams work together. Sabotage moves away from the usual ‘Team Bonding’ experience and challenges personal behaviours, value…
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Icebreakers – What are they? Icebreakers activities are enlightening Indoor team building challenges. They break the mould and have outcomes that are surprising and keep everyone on their toes. Our activities, such as The Mole, move away from the usual team bonding experience. The task allows the group to delve into the mentality of ‘responsibility’ and ‘accountability‘.…
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Profiling - Team diagnostics - Belbin - MTBI - DISC - Team Diagnostics

Profiling -Team diagnostics and Team development

Profiling – Team diagnostics. Profiling – Team diagnostics allow teams to perform better at work. Organizations can have a deeper insight, leverage key strengths  and better understand  their employees through Profiling. Team Diagnostics and activities offered by the Team Building Company provide range of Profiling, assessment, reports and Team development. Our Teambuilding facilitators are Accredited and qualified with…
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Collaborative teamwork

Lego Serious Play

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a  team development workshop using LEGO® methodology. It focuses on creating an environment where teams use 3 dimensional thinking to address and describe situations within your organisation. You and your team will use the LEGO® to create and construct metaphors to explain and help visualise opportunities and changes…
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Art-Tastic Creative Team Building

Creative Team Building – Art-Tastic

Creative Team Building – Art-Tastic activity allows any group to be collaborative, creative and inspired.  Creative Team Building With the capability to be used with a group of any size, in any location, Creative Team Building – Art-Tastic activity encourages team collaboration, teamwork and sharing of skills. Participants are guided by an experienced facilitator and art teacher that will help them to develop…
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