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If you prefer an indoor event, The Teambuilding Company has a wide range of activities and events to suit your desired outcome. In particular, Indoor activities can be quick tasks aimed at energizing the group between conference sessions, overcome concerns related to weather and have key messages.

With over 12 years of experience, The Teambuilding Company have developed a series of indoor team building events that are proven to engage and which are effective in developing team skills when that key outcome is required. All delivered as fun practical learning.

We have a selection of fantastic indoor team building activities. From Skills based workshop sessions, Conference energisers, Formula WON, Lego Serious play, Team Connections, The Apprentice, Art tastic to The Pitch’ movie making; these link to the organization, vision and are focused on key aspects of teamwork in an engaging manner.

Special Ops

In Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth we offer many team programs for strategy, communication, cohesion and integration. Special Operations – is one of the many Team Building activities in Canberra, that focuses on collaborative tasks,  behaviours, planning, and leadership in a team.. This team building workshop focusses on strategy, tactics, leadership, roles and collaboration. This…
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team building workshops

Workshop Activity

Team building workshop activity: Sabotage a game of focus and values! Sabotage a Team building workshop activity is an exciting indoor team challenge task full of unexpected outcomes. It also involves twists and surprises to get you thinking about how your teams work together. Sabotage moves away from the usual ‘Team Bonding’ experience and challenges personal behaviours, value…
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TV Commercials

TV Commercials Overview: TV Commercials is a fun, unique way to approach team building. Your teams get the chance to express some creativity in the form of TV Commercials, movies, adverts, product launches, lifestyle shows or any other media footage. TV Commercials creative team building program allows teams to use their theatre sports skills  and fulfil…
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Art-Tastic Creative Team Building - team masterpiece

Team Masterpiece

            Team Masterpiece team building activity allows any group to be creative. With the capability to be used with a group of any size or in any location, Team Masterpiece is a two to three hour activity that encourages team building and team work through a sharing of skills. Participants will…
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