LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a  team development workshop using LEGO® methodology. It focuses on creating an environment where teams use 3 dimensional thinking to address and describe situations within your organisation. You and your team will use the LEGO® to create and construct metaphors to explain and help visualise opportunities and changes within your workplace.

After the LEGO® constructions are made, we will facilitate discussion to allow you to explain the meaning behind your creativity. We will do this by fostering an open understanding of the reasoning behind aspects of the designs. This works to sharpen insight and builds strong bonds amongst the team.

The workshops offer 100% engagement and input from the participants. It is flexible and can suit any setting and is perfect for small to medium sized groups. Lego® SERIOUS PLAY® means hands-on, and ’minds-on’ participation.

Lego Serious Play Program highlights:
  • Tackle challenges as a team and cooperation within the teams
  • Build a shared team identity
  • Allow the team to agree how to best work together
  • Break down silos, overcome barriers and share their experiences.
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an innovative, experiential process that will enhance your business performance. You will put your creative and expressive skills to the test in this fun activity. Lego Serious Play in Australia facilitated by The Team Building Company, experts in creative and engaging team based learning activities and games.
There are a number of different variations of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® program. We can change and adapt our activities to suit your needs and can provide you with shorter, half programs as well as the longer full format depending on your needs.
These variations will provide different levels of results, however, they are all fun, inclusive and will allow you to gain a better understanding of your organisation, your team and your future. We will design the program for you, with your organisations goals and interests in mind and because of this, each program will be able to provide you with real, tangible results.
If you are interested in more activities like this, look at Team Dr and The Mole.

“Firstly thank you for the work shop. All feedback on the day and subsequently has been positive.  I have had a number of thank-you comments.  I think even those who were anti-tree-hugging got something from the day. We appreciate the follow up notes. Many thanks.” – Westpac

Profiling - Team diagnostics - Team development - Understanding your team
Profiling – Team diagnostics – Team development – Understanding your team