An Outdoor Team Building Experience

Time to activate your teams potential in Licensed to Spy – an Outdoor team event experience with a difference.

The Licensed to spy program involves teams moving through a series of challenges, using tablets, mobile phones, or Web enabled gadgets to retrieve Missions and complete tasks. The mission challenge for the outdoor team building event is to retrieve information so that your group can crack the code.

It is a highly interactive, team building event. We have designed it to test any groups planning ability, synergy, communication and time & team management skills. Each team becomes a secretive agency, gaining intelligence and recovering information before an other rival organisation does.

The secret agent team building adventure accesses missions on a unique, dedicated website. Your teams will access and complete mission tasks appropriate for success via this website. Each Mission is against the clock. They include locating ‘hazardous’ items, finding agents, solving the clues and making contact with mystery characters on route.

WQThe program is flexible, creative and has many applications. You can use the Licensed to Spy team building event as an icebreaker at a conference, as a corporate team-building day or part of a larger training and development program.

Licensed to Spy – Team building Highlights:

The Licensed to Spy program is an entertaining, spy-themed event for 12 to 250 people. There is also a chance for everyone to involve themselves and get creative. We have designed the program so that there are no physical limitations so no one gets left out. The program is also filled with twists and surprises at every corner. This requires your teams to plan and execute a good strategy and work as a spy team.

We can supply web devices or tablets to complete the program. However, we can also provide access to the missions via your teams web enabled phones if you are after a more budget friendly event.

If you have ever dreamed of playing James Bond for a day, Licensed to spy is a great activity for you. Our Project Omega programs is a great addition to explore team cohesion and performance.