In our 1930’s Murder Mystery all in the team are suspects…A memorable night of team building fun and drama that involves every one in a suspenseful.

In this fast based thrilling Murder Mystery suspense over dinner your team, work out who had the motive and reason why, from the clues in our Team building – 1930’s period set drama event. Yes, we can include costumes per character – or invite participants to come dressed for the event – though reveal no clues beforehand. A great way to include the evening into a meeting /  conference, build collaboration or simply motivate the group as a team bonding reward.

Every participant is a suspect, trying to claim innocence, but each has a story, a motive or alibi, but secrets are reveal led…who did it?

We work with your group to hook them into the storyline and characters so that as murder mystery guests immersed in an unforgettable who-dun-it. Guests become Sherlock Holmes and budding Miss Marples in this 1930’s event and as the night evolves teams are given clues, crime reports, obituaries, evidence and other tangible items, that will assist them in solving what at first seems a dastardly and daring murder.

The Murder Mystery programs run for 2 hours, depending on group size at a venue or location of your choice. The Murder on the menu team building experience will bring out the inner investigator hidden within.

The night works best for group sizes 16 – 64 with teams of 8.
We allocate a group, scripts / theme per table and the interactive team building fun begins.

The most Popular themes are: Murder at Waterside Down or Last train to Paris.
Great if teams come in dress appropriate to the allocated genre – This creates a fun filled atmosphere and encourages interaction prior to the event.