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The Teambuilding Company has a wide range of Outdoor Team building activities and games to suit your group. Outdoor events are a fantastic way to motivate, reward the team and get out of the office or conference room. The key to the success of our events is positive shared experiences. Our wide range of activities includes something for everyone.

Outdoor team building events that are proven to engage the group, promote engagement and are effective in developing team skills in a controlled competitive environment.Theseare fun, practical with underlying teamwork outcomes.

What better way to experience a memorable day than by participating in a fun, action packed outdoor teambuilding activity?

Beyond the Race events, escape to the beach for an Olympics style event or create magic out of sand with the science of Sandology or Sandsculpting, Act like a Spy with Licensed to Spy, Triple T challenges or go big with It’s a Knockout events and the Big Bash sports.

Leadership Teambuilding

Leadership Team building activities

                  Corporate Kendo – leadership Team Building activity – Does your team have power, confidence within and trust to follow through? The Warrior school is the most powerful and exhilarating event your team will experience. Leadership Team building activities in Australia such as Corporate Kendo delivered by The…
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Immunity Challenge Team building games

The Immunity Challenge team building game tests a teams resilience to be successful and survive. The fun and energetic Immunity challenge team building game is ideal for medium to larger groups, creating a high level of competitiveness, integration, participation and enjoyment. Teams compete with each other through a circuit of team challenges. At the end…
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Matrix Mayhem

The Matrix Mayhem team building event is a perfect activity for groups that want to engage in an enjoyable, competitive activity that emphasizes group coordination. The program requires groups to complete numerous different activities as quickly as possible, in a set time frame. Ideally, this is eight to ten activities in two hours. Some of…
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triple-t-challenge, ITs a knockout fun Team building games

Its a Knockout Fun Team Building games

It’s a Knockout Fun Team Building Games ‘It’s a Knockout’ – a program full of big, BOLD events like the gameshow. You will love this unique team building activity, even if you were not around for the 1970’s Knockout style TV show. Summary The Team Building Company’s ‘It’s a Knockout’ activity is a high energy, colourful and fun event…
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Team Rivals Outdoor Team Challenges

Team Rivals Outdoor Team Challenges

Team Rivals Outdoor Team Challenges Overview: Outdoor Team Building Activities such as The Team Rivals challenge are a fantastic way to motivate, reward the team and get out of the office or conference room. Competing through a range of team challenge activities will test the groups collaboration, teamwork, planning and abilities. We offer great options…
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Sand Sculpting Team building event, Beach Team building event - Sand sculpting

Sand Sculpting Team building event

Sand Sculpting Team building event: The Art of Sandology Sand sculpting team building event is a fun Team building task,where you simply combine sand, water. Tap into your team’s creativity and get hands on! to master the Art of Sand sculpting. A highly creative teambuilding program on the beach. Test your teams creativity and innovation with…
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Dash for Cash Team building

Dash for Cash Team building Dash for Cash Team building is a high energy, fast paced team activity. This interactive team development event is designed to test any groups planning, collaboration, time & team management skills within a Race. Teams accumulate points or poker chips at various challenges within a specific area. The team at the end…
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Licensed to Spy

An Outdoor Team Building Experience Time to activate your teams potential in Licensed to Spy – an Outdoor team event experience with a difference. The Licensed to spy program involves teams moving through a series of challenges, using tablets, mobile phones, or Web enabled gadgets to retrieve Missions and complete tasks. The mission challenge for…
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