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The Teambuilding Company has a wide range of Outdoor Team building activities and games to suit your group. Outdoor events are a fantastic way to motivate, reward the team and get out of the office or conference room. The key to the success of our events is positive shared experiences. Our wide range of activities includes something for everyone.

Outdoor team building events that are proven to engage the group, promote engagement and are effective in developing team skills in a controlled competitive environment.Theseare fun, practical with underlying teamwork outcomes.

What better way to experience a memorable day than by participating in a fun, action packed outdoor teambuilding activity?

Beyond the Race events, escape to the beach for an Olympics style event or create magic out of sand with the science of Sandology or Sandsculpting, Act like a Spy with Licensed to Spy, Triple T challenges or go big with It’s a Knockout events and the Big Bash sports.

Team Building ideas Melbourne

Directors Cut Creative Teambuilding

Directors Cut Movies – Become a Hollywood Director Directors Cut Creative Teambuilding activity is a theatorical creative team building event like no other.  Thinking of some group event or experiences to inspire and motivate your team? Consider ‘The Directors Cut Movies’ from The Team Building Company, the leaders in Corporate Training. ‘Directors Cut Movies’ is a…
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Leadership Teambuilding

Leadership Team building activities

                  Corporate Kendo – leadership Team Building activity – Does your team have power, confidence within and trust to follow through? The Warrior school is the most powerful and exhilarating event your team will experience. Leadership Team building activities in Australia such as Corporate Kendo delivered by The…
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