Pop Stars is a sensational team building challenge program, where teams choose, reproduce and sing a classic song selection with unique lyrics.  

As in the spirit of the hit shows ‘Idol’ and ‘You’ve got talent’, no one misses a beat in what turns out to a hugely entertaining session that concludes with an evening show, where teams present their songs to standing ovations or show their music video on the big screen.

Pop Stars team building challenge a WOW event!

The Team Building Co activities such as Pop Stars can be oriented around a company theme, product message or company promotional music video. Fully flexible to be tailored to a companies needs. We design the event around time, group size and budget.
Teams are supplied with props, make up and backing tracks then instructed on the task. On hand are coaches who assist with rewriting a popular or classic song. The team building challenge is to recreate the song with unique lyrics, incorporates the team building challenge theme or message, that is outstanding. We can also capture the event on camera if your group prefers to make a music video rather than perform live on stage.

Later on, the group gets together to either perform a live show or watch the finished project and experience their collaborative work. A great experience where teams collaborate, laugh and have fun, recalling the creative process and the close work relationships required to make the music song, music video or performance. Check out our popular TV Commercials activity as another great creative team building activity.

This is truly a good time, and a great night of celebration. Creative team work comes alive with the evening awards ceremony and of course…prizes.

‘Thanks Rod. We’ve had great feedback from the business so thank you again to you and the team for your efforts in making this a great team building event. Cheers.’ – CMC Australia

“You guys are awesome, we had such a great time with Team Building, lots of fun making our own little music video! Thank you so much for the great service…Thanks again…”  – GPT Group

 Pop Stars team building challenge   Pop Stars team building challenge