Profiling – Team diagnostics.

Profiling – Team diagnostics allow teams to perform better at work. Organizations can have a deeper insight, leverage key strengths  and better understand  their employees through Profiling. Team Diagnostics and activities offered by the Team Building Company provide range of Profiling, assessment, reports and Team development.

Our Teambuilding facilitators are Accredited and qualified with Profiling – Team diagnostic tools such as Belbin 360, Myers- Briggs Type Inventory – MBTI, Margerison-McCann TMS and DISC Self Perception Tests. Our facilitators are proficient and highly experienced with in-depth knowledge of various assessment tools, coaching techniques and team based learning.

Teambuilding profiling DISC - Team diagnostics
  Teambuilding profiling DISC – Team diagnostics


Teambuilding profiling DNA Belbin - Team diagnostics
  Teambuilding profiling DNA Belbin – Team diagnostics
Teambuilding profiling TMS - Team diagnostics
Teambuilding profiling TMS – Team diagnostics

We provide clients with the opportunity to use Profiling – Team diagnostic tools, including 360 feedback, to assess the personalities and behavior of their employees. Importantly, how these Profiling and team diagnostics can be applied in the workplace for greater effect. Alone they are a tool, we are able to coach and guide teams to use them effectively to increase optimal output and performance through Team profiling activities which highlight the key learnings.

The reason that these activities are so important is that they offer the chance for the team, individuals and organizations to see the strengths and weaknesses of their current members. They will gain the knowledge to understand their employees more and better help them when a problem arises.

Why Employee Profiling – Team diagnostics are Beneficial:

  • Clarifies intra-company transfers
  • Assess retention rates
  • Career planning considerations
  • Ability to better assess a succession plan
  • Allows for understanding of true leadership potential
  • Can assess selection before promotion

We have a range of Profiling – Team diagnostic tools and systems at The Teambuilding Company. Each tool is different, appropriate for the purpose, team requirement and use. Our accredited facilitators, have over 20 years of delivery, coaching and facilitation.

Profiling - Team diagnostics - Team development - Understanding your team
Profiling – Team diagnostics – Team development – Understanding your team

We use Team activities to illustrate the value and strengths learnt, and to highlight the positive impact that individuals, using their profile can make within the team.

Coaching sessions, post tool completion, can be either face to face, in small groups and via the use of technology. The workshops are tailored to build on the tools learning’s, strengths, discover new opportunities, leverage and develop the skills to benefit the team. Importantly; WHY, what and how the business will benefit.

So why do you need Profiling – Team diagnostics?

  • Inherent abilities
  • Leadership abilities and types
  • Communication abilities
  • Preference in the workplace
  • Weaknesses and where improvement is needed.

Each and every client is different, so are your employees – their experience, Strengths, areas for improvement and goals are not the same. Learning and developing has to be progressive and adaptable, in changing times.

We highly recommend Contacting us, so that we can discuss the best fit, timeframe and options for developing your greatest assist in your business, your people.

Teambuilding profiling 360 - Team diagnostics
Teambuilding profiling 360 – Team diagnostics