Project Omega – Leadership Team building for high performance

The Project Omega Mission: Teams are required to imagine locating pieces of a communication tower that have fallen out of a plane over 3 square kilometres of bushland and water. The tower needs to be reconstructed and erected by a prescribed time. Team members are required to plan, allocate resources, cross skill and train, and communicate their needs like never before.

Before commencing the mission, participants are trained in the skills needed to locate the tower pieces. This ensures all participants are able to become a self-reliant unit, and that the program is failsafe. The construction of the tower, locating the pieces, solving clues, cross training and setting up communication HQ between virtual teams is all part of the exercise. The team needs to think laterally at all times and believe that they can follow through and deliver.

The conclusion of the program sees an end deliverable, this ensures the completion of the tower and the program becomes an extraordinary team adventure. An adventure filled with unbelievable heroism, contributions from team members and the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the phenomenal achievement made by the team.

Project Omega team building activity


Aspects that set this program apart from the rest include;

  • Natural outdoor terrain is used as a backdrop for the program.
  • Lessons learnt during the program will have a significant impact on the quality of cooperation between participants.
  • The program is unique, providing incredible fun that will be reminisced for years to come.
  • The ultimate success lies within the team.
  • Team members will teach each other participant’s vital skills and enable them to discover different ways of learning.
  • Multiple themes within the program that coincide with general business practices e.g. trusting your bearings is analogous to trusting to your plan and following it through, irrespective of the circumstances.

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