Race Against The Clock

As the name suggests, this teambuilding activity is for teams to Race Against the Clock. The team program consists of over fifty different activities and challenges to choose from, with a simple concept; score as many points as possible by completing chosen challenges.

‘Just what we needed in the agenda – an exhilirating explosion of energy, perfect’ UBS 2018

After being separated into teams and run through the simple premise of the game, the clock starts ticking. The event begins as our presenter introduces the challenge to the group and announces that they are about to attempt to Race Against The Clock. Also we can incorporate TV Commercials into the event as a twist.

Lots of options are available to create this team building activity a real fantastic event, allowing scope to engage actors, music, on going team scores, prizes and insert creative style of activities.

An important decision must be made at every task. Each task is split into three levels of difficulty, of which the team may only attempt one. Successful completion of the hardest challenge will see higher point scoring, but involves risk-taking. A large screen with a digital clock at the front of the room shows totals and time remaining. As the final five minutes of game play approach, the live scores disappear but the clock keeps ticking, building tension in the room. Once the clock hits zero, teams must stop whatever challenge they are attempting to complete, and the final scores will be tallied.

The Race Against The Clock Team Activity lasts approximately 30 – 90 minutes, is suitable for between 25 and 500 people. This activity simply requires a single suitable room or outdoors arena.

Perfect for teams looking to get some energy flowing through the group whilst on a conference, meeting or off site workshop.

Race Against The Clock
Race Against The Clock can be hosted at any location, from 30 mins to a full day event.