Sand Sculpting Teambuilding

We bring the beach environment to life with the Sand Sculpting Teambuilding activity, offered exclusively through The Team Building Company. In this activity, participants will work in teams in order to creatively sculpt the sand under their feet. This is a hands on activity that is great for facilitating creativity and collaboration.
It is a perfect option for groups of all sizes. This can be a much needed reprieve from the mundane experience of other teambuilding workshops elsewhere.
The Process

Sand Sculpting Teambuilding activity combines the beach, sun, and sand into an enjoyable and educational teambuilding exercise. Participants will need to work in teams while they unleash their hidden creativity, and get sand in-between their toes!

Sand-Sculpting is a hands on exercise. When you land on the beach for your day out in the sun, you will be greeted first by a unique sand sculpture. This work of art will inspire you as we then teach you the way in which it we created it. Then slowly, the group will learn the techniques of this art form. However, you will not be alone. Our professional instructors will teach participants everything they need to know, and will guide them through every step in the creation process. From start to finish, you will get the information you want and desire to build a sculpture like the one you see.

This is a truly unique, creative and enjoyable team building experience where everyone can be involved. This exercise may incorporate a theme or you can link it to your organisations products and services. Sand-Sculpting is ideal for any group size, beach, or timeframe. Because you will be working a team, this is a great way to foster your bonding with others. You will have fun passing the time working together and creating the sculpture in sand that you want.

It will provide you with a well deserved escape from a normal corporate environment. Sand Sculpting Teambuilding is the just one of the perfect beach activities and events that we provide in the summer months.

Other great beach ideas include our Team Rivals program, which is a great energising event that can conclude with the Sand Sculpting activity.