Survivor Simulation games – develop your team performance and synergy

Survivor Simulation games present unfamiliar scenarios, designed to provoke discussion and develop a high performance skill set. Team members must rely on their problem-solving ability, collaborative knowledge to be successful, not merely by themselves. Sharing experience and knowledge makes the task easier.

Ensuring that all team members have the same minimal level of knowledge about the situation, they must rely on their abilities to set objectives, analyse alternative strategies and then evaluate them. Teams are then be required to choose a solution that will best meet the objective.

This approach also allows all group members to participate as equals in these Survival Simulations. Starting on an equal footing enables participants to focus more intently on the quality of the team performance and explores how teams can achieve high performance.

Team members will complete the exercise individually, as well as a team. This allows for the identification of the differences between individual solutions and team solutions. This becomes a real measure of the groups ability to perform as a team.

Survivor simulation games, Team Building Events for Success
Survivor simulation games – High Performance Team work_Team Building

These exercises are built on the very best of research into adult learning – i.e. that adults learn best when they have the ability to enquire into something and discover the answer for themselves.

There are several exercises, each presenting their own challenge. A Team Development Workshop can be developed using multiple simulations – having a team experience one exercise, then analyse how effectively they performed, and then put that learning into practice with a second exercise actually provides a measure of team learning.

Popular simulations activities include:

  • Earthquake
  • Jungle Escape
  • Lost at Sea
  • Everest

The exercises may be conducted over an hour, with teams of six, and groups of people up to 200.

The way to get people discussing how to solve a problem and think creatively is often to present them with a scenario that is out of the box and unfamiliar. The Survival Simulation exercises do just this as they present unconventional problematic situations to members of a team, getting them to think quickly and creatively about what they would do in that situation.

The goal of the Survival Simulation game is to really foster open and honest discussion among the team. The group must look at their problem-solving expertise as well as where and how to apply their own skill sets. The individuals of the team will think on their own and then present their solutions that they have come up with. The group, through strategy discussion of what works and what does not of each approach presented, will then choose the best one. This allows for everyone to participate equally and all have the chance to show their own strengths while still facilitating a team environment.

Survivor simulation games, Team Building Events for Success
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