Team Building Activities – Beach Olympics
Escape the office - Beach olympics Team building
Escape the office – Beach olympics Team building

Beach Olympics

Step out of the office and enjoy some team building activities with the Team building Company. We deliver beach activities from Noosa To Nowra, Sorrento to Scarborough.

We have a variety of fun, collaborative and challenging events in our “Beach Olympics” themed program, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Short, action packed and highly interactive.

We make sure that everyone gets involved with our range of alternate Beach Olympics events. We guarantee that the program will bring out some hidden skills within your team. For a engaging team event with a tropical twist, Beach Olympics is one not to be missed. We design the tasks to achieve success and collaboration.

Team Building Activities – Ingredients

The main ingredient in all of these activities is a beach or area suitable, the teams’ energy and imagination. This is seen as the groups build, race, step, navigate, throw or ski to claim points. The team with the most points following the team building activities takes the trophy.

We will choose the team building activities based on your group size, number of teams, location and requirements. We choose the team building activities to highlight or improve communication, trust, team work or planning ability. They are all are fun and engaging. This means that the program can be very flexible and we can adapt to different locations, different sized groups and different goals with ease.

Teams compete against each other, over a series of rounds, earning points for the final task. Activities like. Pick up stix, Friz Net, Message in a Bottle, All Aboard, Stepping stones, Pandemonium, Group Ski, Leaking pole, Maze, Ramp and many more. All of our tasks focus on collaboration, unleashing their potential and team bonding.

The Beach Olympic themed sports are realistic and challenging. Time to step up to the line and Go for Gold, an ideal outdoor team building and bonding exercise. Contact US TODAY!