In Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth we offer many team programs for strategy, communication, cohesion and integration. Special Operations – is one of the many Team Building activities in Canberra, that focuses on collaborative tasks,  behaviours, planning, and leadership in a team..

This team building workshop focusses on strategy, tactics, leadership, roles and collaboration. This experiential learning exercise stresses the need to align values and achieving a collective goal. The team work task is complicated as each team must plan their own strategy and adapt this plan as the play the simulation game.

During the exercise, your Special Operations team is required to plan and execute a simulated mission to recover items. Working in teams, you will have a sufficient amount of support, but the choices you make are critical to your overall success. A unique team building workshop that brings the group together, not just the shared experience but through the learning and results.

During the exercise, the group will understand and implement the following competencies:

Teamwork and Cooperation
Resource management
Forming strategic objectives

Completing the exercise in teams will ensure the exercise is enjoyable, educational, proactive and anchored in some common themes of collaboration and cooperation that enable leadership and performance.

The facilitated debrief of the team building workshop allows teams to;

  • Analyse their performance against other teams
  • Highlights leadership and choices made based on changing information
  • Understand individual roles and their impact on the group, the goals and values
  • Collaboration and Co-operation rather than competition is the best strategy

The following is an example of a scenario that may be played out during the exercise;

The Mission: Teams of Special Ops forces make their way to locate and retrieve supplies that are critical to the UN mission.

Teams have to allocate roles and leadership, make strategy decisions which impact on their planning, including route of travel, supplies and equipment plus additional training options, intelligence or equipment required to successfully execute the team task. Along the way, events occur causing teams to improvise, adapt and collaborate with other teams in order to accomplish pre-planned objectives and other goals.

The activity is educational and engaging; it is an simulation exercise designed to generate a variety of typical team behaviours that can be readily debriefed. Whilst the overall goal is to accomplish the mission; teams need to communicate amongst themselves to develop an overall plan of action to achieve maximum results as a group and team. During the training exercise; effective teamwork is critical to mission success, planning is paramount, collaboration is encouraged, and some levels of managed risk are rewarded.  Special Operations is a collaborative and energising task that focuses on bringing a team together in a vision orientated simulation task.

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