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Time to join the Team Building Company on one of our many fun collaborative programs. Our Teambuilding events are designed to test your team’s ability to think outside the box, innovation, creative, inspired or simply fun ‘get out of the office’ experiences with a dose of competitive spirit. Here is some images of the programs we do, for ideas and to get you started.

Activities range from Bollywood dance, to encourage diversity, collaboration and get the teams moving in the same direction to City Urban scramble race events that use different forms of transport. Point to point treasure hunts puts team against team in a energy filled ramble around the city. Try push bikes in Melbourne or Brisbane, Ferry from location to location in Sydney, Trams in Adelaide or Melbourne. In Perth, take in the River, city centre, nearby wineries or the historical Fremantle or Rottnest island by bike.

If focus and trust is key, try our Warrior school and test you groups ability to ‘achieve the impossible’ with board breaking or paper cutting using kendo skills. Our Outdoor leadership activities and ‘survivor’ program takes a hands on, back to nature approach with groups. Popular locations include, Canberra, Blue Mountains, Central coast and Australia wide.

For teams that want to get creative, Art-tastic or Team masterpiece brings out the ‘inner artist’ or get your staff outdoors with the sand between their toes. Sandology – Sandsculpting skills are required to create wonderful creations on the beach. No need to worry as the Team building company provides all the materials, skills and guidance to make your amazing sculptures.

Evening activities include Gameshow night, Casino or Disco Trivia entertainment – there is a program for any size group, large or small, whatever the budget – Call us now for a quote.