The Team Idol X factor team building challenge requires teams to work creatively and proactively within a short period of time. Can they position their companies’ products in a song or performance in ways like never before. Teams will be required to collaborate, create or share marketing ideas and knowledge to capture the hearts and minds to their potential customers. This a team building challenge that everyone will like. Their a roles for every type of personality.

During this sensational Team Idol team building challenge program, teams are required to choose a song, produce and perform a musical masterpiece with alternative lyrics, specific to the organisation. Team work, innovation and creativity is the central focus of the task, the performance is motivating and fun once they start producing the musical hit.

The team building challenge is derived from the popular reality television series “Idol” and proves for a hugely entertaining afternoon concluding with an evening show performance.

Team Idol team building challenge is best facilitated as a combination of a daytime activity and an evening performance. Teams can either perform live on the stage, or create a pop video as a team, and screen the production at a later date, such as pre-dinner drinks, dinner or at a time that fits into an agenda.

During the evening presentation the teams will showcase their musical performances. The event is captured on video camera, allowing teams to review and evaluate their performance.

“A brilliant team program. Thank you once again.” FREEDOM FURNITURE

All costumes, make up and additional props are provided, unique per team and appropriate for each song / genre. Classic hits include ABBA, AC/DC, The Beatles, Village People, Queen, Bon Jovi, Oasis, Status Quo or hits from specific music genres and more.