Team Masterpiece team building activity allows any group to be creative.

With the capability to be used with a group of any size or in any location, Team Masterpiece is a two to three hour activity that encourages team building and team work through a sharing of skills. Participants will be guided by art experts that will help them to develop unique pieces of art and work individually as well as in a group.

Teams share and expand on many team principles, especially when given the task of creating a one piece art work, when all teams are working on different panels or sections of the masterpiece – the finale illustrates team work at its best, as the complete work becomes one finished creative art work.

Our Team Masterpiece art guides will help participants as the work alone on their art creation. Upon completion, they will review the work and make any necessary touchups. After that, they will frame the art professionally so that it can be utilized in the home or in an office setting. This activity is both fun and educational and will allow members of your organization to identify their art skills and relate their inner creativity. They will also leave with a gift that can last a lifetime.

Have fun and add color to your organization with this great teamwork activity. Your employees will thank you!