Team performance Catwalk Capers Team Building activity will bring out the Inspired creative side in your Team! Where Fashion meets Teamwork.

In this competition, teams are in competition with other groups to creating the best impression and Pitch. The Runway show, garments, design and look are the fun part, allowing Teams to show off their hidden skills and talents. The Brief, planning, creativity, collaboration and teamwork aspects are critical for success. Time to step up and Stand out.

A Fashion show Pitch, with a difference where garments are created in short amount of time and utilize non-traditional materials. These items come from random costumes and props, recycled items and non conventional pieces. The theme of the show is tailored to your group. Teams will Pitch, design and stage their .

When complete, the garments are shown off in a fashion show that comes complete with panel of judges, like the Dragons den or Shark tank style, who quiz the creators inspiration and score the Team performance  – Catwalk capers.

The winner can be any team that has the highest judges approval, completed their look within the time frame, Inspiration, flair and to the brief.

Incentives of the Program:
  • Is tailored to the client or organizational needs
  • Program flexibility – preparation and planning plus the show – Great at any time of the day
  • High levels of team work and social interaction are required
  • All levels of abilities can participate
  • Will not be impacted by in climate weather

Music and a stage are set for a Catwalk Runway shop with a difference. Time to let your team Step Up and Stand Out! A great way to elevate the program to the next level.

The program will also be saved and edited for safe keeping and provided to the client upon completion.

‘The best team building we have ever done!’ TELSTRA
Team Performance – Catwalk Capers Team Building Activity