Team Rivals Outdoor Team Challenges
Outdoor Team Building Activities such as The Team Rivals challenge are a fantastic way to motivate, reward the team and get out of the office or conference room. Competing through a range of team challenge activities will test the groups collaboration, teamwork, planning and abilities. We offer great options for Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to create group cohesion, dynamics and cooperation.
The key to the success of a team challenge event is the positive shared experiences and healthy competitive spirit. We have a wide choice of activities and inclusions so there is something for everyone.

Team Rivals challenge events are proven to engage the group, promote cohesion and fun, and are effective in developing team skills in a controlled competitive environment. These are exciting and practical, with underlying teamwork outcomes.

We have designed the team tasks to not be overly physical. However, they focus on testing the teams ability to work together for success. Teams compete and rotate around a set number of activities within the timeframe.

Can your team can Out-perform, Out-think and Out-play the rest – to gain as many chips as they can?

We award chips to use in our ‘Game plan activity’, where teams can risk or maximise their return in the event to outplay the other teams.
Team Rivals Outdoor Team Building
Team Rivals Outdoor Team Building Problem solving challenge

A popular finale option to link with Rival team challenges are Building tasks, like Build a Bike or Flat pack activity which benefits Charities, local or National. Teams use their winnings to purchase tools and equipment to Build a Bike.

Key learning Outcomes:

Outdoor Team Challenges and Activities such as the Team Rivals program focus on:

  • Engagement and experiential Play
  • Planning and problem solving aspects
  • Work together as a team.
  • How you communicate and collaborate efficiently.

We also pay close attention to the behaviours and aspects that can impact on Team performance and Success. It is more than the competition – Performance is greater than how many chips you gain. The facilitated debrief and brainstorming, can also easily show you where you can improve. We also focus on helping your teams identify and utilise everyones unique strengths.

By incorporating the unique talents, skills, and passions of your teams, they will have a better chance of success in the program as well as in the workplace. The final aspect of the program is the inclusion of charitable and Give back to the community through donations or the last activity in the Team Rivals program.

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Team Rivals Outdoor Team Challenges  Team Rivals Outdoor Team Challenges