Teamwork Triple T Challenge

The Concept: In the Teamwork Triple T Challenge, Teams must compete, performing a series of different activities, ranging from scavenger hunts to problem solving games, treasure hunts and mind games. The team that performs the best overall is the winning team.

Due to the wide range of activities, each team member will constantly have an important role to play. Interaction is a key outcome in Teamwork Triple T Challenge – team building event, as each team will encounter all other teams at some stage.

The Teamwork Triple T Challenge – team building event is the best activity for getting participants to interact, get to know each other, co-operate and compete.

  • Each team to have a mascot – large inflatable animal etc.
  • Wining team can be announced at the end / evening.
  • Teams to hand in an answer sheet, items found and points from activities.

Many Teamwork challenge outcomes can be achieved, we recommend focusing on a few, ideally linked to a theme in the conference or workplace. Principally, participants learn through working together, fun and enjoyment. We recommend the group divided into teams of around eight people, either mixed across the business, or as the client requests.

Specific issues such as leadership, communication and problem solving styles can be addressed and activities are chosen accordingly. Individuals can expect to develop effective people and problem solving skills. Each learn the meaning of cooperation and discover that through cooperation they can accomplish much more that they would have previously thought possible.

The Teamwork Triple T Challenges: The challenges consist of a variety of activities where individuals and teams negotiate a series of obstacles; problem-solving exercises which may require planks, buckets and a great deal of imagination and cooperation for their solutions. Sporting activities can also be included, where teams are against a fellow team, leaving teams with the decision of whether to cooperate or compete.

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