The Pitch Team building tests your group skills as they become an advertising agency. The Pitch is like an episode of Mad men, commissioned to make an entertaining, informative and superbly crafted commercial for a client.
Can your team work creatively under pressure within a short period of time?
Your team will position your company’s products in new ways, using fresh, ground breaking ideas that will capture the hearts and minds of potential clients and customers.

The concept of the team building activity program is simple. With skilled coaching and guidance from acting coaches and team building’s technical team, the group are required to create an entertaining, innovative and creative commercial in an allotted time frame.
The teams are fully engaged as they direct, produce, act, film and incorporate key points into a short minute commercial. We provide make up, costumes and props to use as teams are given freedom to create ‘The Pitch’ to a customer.
The program allows for flexibility within an organisation to highlight a key message, preferred objective or group strategy. These may include new products, core values, vision or conference theme.

The Pitch program format is tailored to your group, agenda and timeframe.
The Pitch commercial can be part of the bigger client presentation with a live judging panel interacting. Think of The Apprentice mixed with Dragons den, with the presenters or teams producing a stand alone commercial. A great way to sharpen presentation skills, be creative and workshop a product relaunch.
Can your team create a Buzz and be the Pick of the Best. Your teams will Pitch their creations to an audience and judging panel, who will then decide on a winner.

The Pitch program has many positive attributes;

  • Not location or weather dependent
  • All physical abilities can partake
  • Fully tailored to suit your organisations requests
  • An interactive session in the planning, creation right through to the final screening session

The Pitch Team Building activity program

The goal of this program sounds easy. Teams are simply to complete the commercial in the time frame provided. There is the challenge. Groups must create, direct, produce and put their core message into the commercial that will appeal to the client and present this with good communication, clear message and with style. The goals of this organisational activity can be geared to the company or group itself, with thematic twists in our guidelines and rules. Even the products needing to be advertised in the commercial can come from your company.

This is a program that can be held day or night. The Pitch activity can easily be fitted into any busy conference schedule. At least two hours should be allotted, however, for completion and for best results, an evening awards ceremony should be arranged. Wanting more ideas for indoor team building check out our featured pages.