The Pitch

The Pitch – During this team building program, your teams will be working creatively and collaboratively within a strict time constraints. Your team acts as an advertising agency being commissioned to make an entertaining, informative and superbly crafted commercial for a client. Your team will position your company’s products in new ways and will use fresh, ground breaking ideas that will capture the hearts and minds of your customers. The last step is where the teams will pitch their creations to an audience who will then decide on a winner.

The concept of the program is simple. With the help of our coaching and guidance; teams will create a commercial in an allotted time frame. The teams direct, produce, act, film and incorporate core points into a three minute commercial. The teams, using the costumes and props provided, are given freedom to create ‘A Pitch’ to a customer. The program allows for flexibility within the organisations preferred outcomes and objectives. These may include new products, values, strategies, conference themes, tag lines etc.


We can run The Pitch program day or night, at any location. We recommend a minimum of two hours duration to get true outcomes, and a night session in a private arena for awards and presentation.

The Pitch program has many positive incentives, it is;

  • Not location or weather dependent
  • All physical abilities can partake
  • Fully tailored to suit your organisations requests
  • An interactive session in both the creating and screening session
The Program

The goal of this team building program is a simple one. Your teams need to complete the commercial in the time frame provided. It may sound simple, but they must create, direct, produce, and put their core message into the client’s commercial. We can gear the goals of this organisational activity to the company or group itself, with thematic twists in guidelines and rules. You can even choose if you want the products that your teams will advertise in the commercials to come from your company.

We can tailor this program for you to use at a day or night conference. The Pitch is also available at several different locations. We suggest that you allow at least two hours for the program, however, for completion and for best results, we can organise an evening awards ceremony. This also helps summarise and cement the skills and core points covered in the activity.