The Team Apprentice building task

The Team Apprentice building task tests high performance team work, cohesion and Customer Centricity.

We all know that the most important person in your business are your valued Customers.

But does your team understand your customers, their needs, their business and HOW to deliver effectively?  

In the Apprentice, we test your teams drive, energy and direction.

The collaborative challenge highlights
  • How to engage and build strong rapport your customers, both internal and external clients.
  • Can your business and team effectively focus to maximise a return.
  • Is your team customer focused or are they just product driven?
The Team Apprentice: Our facilitated session will test your groups and will uncover high performance team traits. These traits will significantly improve your business performance. The Team Apprentice is a practical, hands on activity which demonstrates existing team skills and areas for improvement.

Teams receive a brief and  tender document that outlines the instructions. We will also provide all the materials and equipment that your teams will need to be successful. You allocate roles and begin working on their unique solution for the customer. They will do this as they race against the clock and against other teams to come up with a special design that meet the customers needs.

Program Highlights:

  • Team collaboration, planning and ability to ask the right questions.
  • Demonstrates success or improvements in service delivery models.
  • Challenges overall team to successfully deliver on time within budget.
  • Core Delivery, Planning & Process – Team output
  • Partnering & developing opportunities.
  • Can be provided around Australia, and is suitable for varying group sizes and settings.

“Thanks so much for organising a fantastic team building event for us. Everyone has been raving about it since Friday saying how much they enjoyed the activity and loved the way the you incorporated our company values into it. It was a very interactive session and I’m glad that everyone was equally involved. The banter I always expected and it was very funny! I will definitely be contacting you for our next event, or will pass on your details to anyone looking to organise something similar. Well done and thank you again! –  PwC Australia

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