TV Commercials

TV Commercials is a fun, unique way to approach team building. Your teams get the chance to express some creativity in the form of TV Commercials, movies, adverts, product launches, lifestyle shows or any other media footage. TV Commercials creative team building program allows teams to use their theatre sports skills  and fulfil their acting potential while creating an exciting, new advert.

This program is fully flexible around determined outcomes, time allowance, location and weather. The program is ideal for groups of 6 – 300 people, generally taking two hours plus.

During the program, teams must complete the task of creating, acting, script writing, and shooting the film. Teams must also include certain predetermined key business messages.

Program highlights:
  • The program is not location or weather dependent.
  • Attendees of all levels of physical ability can participate – Roles for everyone.
  • Creative way to incorporate and link business values, strategy or products
  • Fully tailored to suit your organisations requirements.
  •  Fun and engaging
  • A chance for your team to Star, Shine, Step up and Stand out

A two part, fully interactive program shines the spotlight on your team as the ‘Stars’ at a themed evening session. This occurs with an Oscar awards or a black tie event where your key assets, your staff, light up the big screen. Discover some hidden talents within your team, skills, communication and collaboration for yourself.

Other creative and innovative activities include: Consider a Teambuilding Workshop activity or Art tastic.

CONTACT US to discuss your needs, budget or requirements. Happy to assist.

“Thanks for a brilliant Team Building event! I think everyone has sore jaws from laughing! We took the TV Commercials to the Awards dinner to show the Office what we get up to at the conference, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, they had to stop laughing to hear the next line! Just what we wanted.Your staff were terrific.” – De Lorenzo Hair Care 

  TV Commercials Creative team building event