United Nations collaborative Team Building Activity for corporate training and group development workshops. Focused on strategy, tactics, teamwork and collaboration this corporate challenge experiential learning exercise stresses the completion of documentation, and will provide the students with a unique educational experience.

During the exercise, your Special Operations team is required to plan and execute a mission in enemy territory. Working in teams you will have a sufficient amount of support, but the choices you make are critical to your overall success.

During the exercise, the class will be educated and enforced to implement the following competencies:

  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Communications
  • Planning
  • Resource management
  • Forming strategic objectives

Completing the exercise in teams will ensure the exercise is enjoyable, educational, proactive and anchored in some common themes of collaboration and cooperation that enable leadership to debrief in a number of different ways.

The following is an example of a scenario that may be played out during the exercise;

Teams of Special Ops forces were transported to a foreign location to deal with a Guerilla troops which is planning a major offensive. The mission is for squads to make their way to the enemy base, in 18 days, find and retrieve medical supplies that are critical to United Nations.

Teams have many decisions to make in their planning, including route they wish to travel and additional training options, intelligence and/or vehicle modifications. Along the way, random events occur causing teams to improvise, adapt and collaborate with other teams in order to accomplish pre-planned objectives and other goals.

The activity is educational and engaging; it is an experiential exercise designed to generate a variety of typical team behaviours that can be readily debriefed in a number of ways. Whilst the overall goal is to accomplish the mission; teams need to communicate amongst themselves to develop an overall plan of action to achieve maximum results.

During the optimising training exercise; teamwork is critical, not only to personal but also mission success, planning is paramount, collaboration is encouraged, and some levels of aggressiveness are rewarded. For an additional program or outdoors activity consider Licensed to Spy.