Team building workshop activity: Sabotage a game of focus and values!

Sabotage a Team building workshop activity is an exciting indoor team challenge task full of unexpected outcomes. It also involves twists and surprises to get you thinking about how your teams work together. Sabotage moves away from the usual ‘Team Bonding’ experience and challenges personal behaviours, value systems and highlights team effectiveness.

The task allows the group to delve into the mentality of ‘responsibility’ and ‘accountability for action’ in a team block building game. A Workshop Activity needs to be engaging and powerful to capture a groups key learning – this is achieved in Sabotage.

Teams need to bring out the very best in each other and learn to find what it takes to achieve high performance. Of course theres a twist and a surprise, and the learning is powerful that all will remember.

Sabotage – Team building workshops- Learning Outcomes:

Sabotage – Team building workshop learning outcomes originate from it’s highly versatile nature and how fun it is to play. We focus on the trust process and the development of high performance teamwork. We also show how sound planning affects performance.

The importance of the value of systems in all areas of output, such as task, team and individual development, are addressed throughout the Mole activity. We also focus on the development of an awareness around participants reactive or trigger behaviours. This can then lead to an improved culture of performance which can be linked back to day to day business processes.

Our indoor team building workshop is suitable for any size group, large or small, from 10 to 400 persons. And we can facilitate at any location, duration and group size.
The Team Building Company’s Team building workshops and Skills sessions can be part of the conference agenda, as an energiser or combined in a workshop session. There is progressive learnings, so it can be used throughout a day to demonstrate improved team performance.
The task is competitive and highly interactive with a powerful learning outcomes.

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‘The best high energy conference icebreaking activity we have done’ –Ericsson

“The sessions went very well – every one of them was engaging, fun and had a takeaway that meant something to the individual. Great experience overall. We’ll keep Team Building Co in mind for any of our other team building opportunities – I’ve already told my colleagues about it. Cheers.” – VEDA

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